Our Mission

The mission of the Alpha Performing Arts Center is to:

  • develop and nurture the performing arts in each individual.
  • continue the ongoing education of the arts in the community.
  • prepare our students for future performances and future aspirations as a professional artist.

The mission of the Alpha Restoration Center is to:

  • To create an environment that results in a future without precedent through empowerment.
  • Have a phenomenal experience of creating and empowering “TEAM”.
  • Stand in CONTRIBUTION and GIVING as a way of life.
  • Experiencing “Life On The Edge”: Motivating yourself in “the gap” between what is and what could be.

Our Vision

The Alpha Performing Arts & Restoration Center seeks to :

  • Nurture children, adolescents and adults through the advancement of the arts, foster artistic excellence through art, dance, drama and music and bring people together for powerful shared experiences through lessons and performances that inspire artistic creativity and;
  • To create an environment that results in a future without precedent through empowerment and “TEAM” building.

A message from our founder


As Founder/Director of the Alpha Performing Arts & Restoration  Center Inc., it is a privilege and honor to take this opportunity to welcome you to a new journey in my life that will affect our community , city, as well as the State of New Jersey and surrounding areas.

What started out as a vision, has become a reality for me.  I have always wanted to create a center where, children, teens, and adults could express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through the performing arts and life coaching. I have studied and continue to research the behaviors of children, adolescents and adults to come up with some sort of explanation why things have taken a turn for the worst when it came to our families and the future of our children.

Because many of the performing arts programs have been taken out of the schools and centers, children and adolescents  seem to no longer have an outlet to express their artistic freedom and expression. Parents find it difficult to find an affordable program that would meet the artistic as well as the emotional needs of their children.

Adults are finding it difficult to find an outlet or place where they can vent their frustrations, concerns and create the empowerment necessary to be successful when it comes to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.

It is through the Alpha Performing Arts & Restoration  Center Inc., that I have formed the perfect balance of expression through the performing arts and life transformation programs to meet the needs of all children, teens and adults. However, it will be through your participation that  will make this reality possible for those who want to express their artistic freedom and are in need of making a life transformation in their lives. Welcome to the journey and becoming a part of a desired life changing transformation.



Meet the Executive Team






      Dr. Thomas Page        Charles Thomas, Esq.         Paula Roberson, EdD                    Carla Durant, MBA


                                                   Founder & CEO

Thomas Page, PhD is a life coach and educator. It’s not about me but the impact that I can make upon the world. I take what I can learn, take it in, master it, and pass on what I have learned from my experiences.


Charles Thomas, ESQ is a licensed attorney in the State of New Jersey and a strong advocate for the local community.


Paula Roberson, EdD is an assessment expert in student learning outcomes, administrative programs, and services. Her background includes K-16 appointments in teaching, program evaluation and administration.


Carla Durant is the grant writer and board member with a Masters in Business and is an adjunct professor at Berkley College.

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