Mission Statement

As part of the Alpha Restoration Center, our leadership/empowerment training will result in you experiencing workshops that are intended to uncover and reveal the hidden assumptions out of which you experience your lives. Encounter a reflective transformation that will result in addressing the best solutions to your possible behaviors and actions and consistent with you heartfelt commitment.

These workshops are facilitated by knowledgeable and professional staff in an, opened, comfortable and safe environment. Some of the activities involve the following:

  • Dialogue
  • Exercises
  • Activities
  • Self-Reflection

Alpha Restoration Center Empowerment and Management Beginner's Course  will be a breakthrough in the possibility of making a difference in your life. The true mission of this course is to create an environment that results in a future without precedent through empowerment.

This course will give participants the opportunity to be committed beyond just convenience of their own lives. Empowerment is about taking a stand outside of the ordinary and creating the possibility of the extraordinary.

This is not just a course, It is the opportunity to create, be released by your past, and start to build a future that you would say is worth living.

One premise of the Alpha Restoration Center Empowerment and Management Beginner's Course  develops the external rather than the internal. It is directed towards those participants with whom you live and work. It is the goal and vision to be in genuine service that advances you to engage in projects that are bigger than you.

When participating in this course, the mission is to make sure that the following achievement is accomplished:

  • Authentic experience of making a difference.
  • Loving & appreciating others in the face of hardship and without expectation of reward.
  • Leading people outside of their boxes.
  • Be led in the fundamental principles from which visionaries live their lives in the present.
  • Coach and be coached to create from NOTHING; your vision in action.
  • Master “compassion”
  • Have a phenomenal experience of creating and empowering “TEAM”
  • Develop and “BE” the source of transformation for your family, community and your world.
  • Be the “real” you…not being determined by approval, the status quo, agreement, evidence, authority and circumstances.
  • Stand in CONTRIBUTION and GIVING as a way of life.
  • Experience “Life On The Edge”: Motivating yourself in “the gap” between what is and what could be.
  • Forever altering your relationship with what stops you from living the present.

Empowerment and Management

Beginner's Course

Adults: $100.00 paid in full 7 days in advance (Full Day Session)

Teens: $ 50.00 paid in full 7 days in advance (Full Day Session) (Teen age group is 13-17)

The Alpha Restoration Center Leadership Training Course is s a 2 day course that will challenge, inspire and uplift, providing participants the opportunity to integrate the tools that will be learned from the program "out into the community".

This 2 day workshop will entail meetings where participants will chart their program through letters of commitment  that will serve as a roadmap for the goals they want to accomplish during the leadership course. This powerful and enriching journey includes:

  • Designing and creating your life based on the results you expect
  • Focusing on the key areas of your life with a new level of initiative
  • Contributing to your community
  • Working to perform a high performance team
  • Individual and Group Dialogue
  • Individual and Group Exercises
  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Self-Reflection
  • Certificate of Course Completion

Empowerment and Management

Training Course

Individual Adults: $300.00 paid in full 7 days in advance (2 Full Day Sessions)

Corporation/Organizations: $3000.00 paid in full 7 days in advance (2 Full Day Sessions). The Corporate/Group/Organization Rates consists of 15-20 participants.